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When Sunny Gilbert races cyclocross, people often comment on how good of a runner she is. In mud, through sand, up stairs, over barriers, those long legs churn up the ground beneath her. But while running was certainly her first sport, cyclocross, and cycling in general, is her main focus. She entered her first cyclocross race as a way to improve her bicycle handling skills, meet new people, and take advantage of her end-of-triathlon season fitness. Soon, she was racing among the fastest women in the country. Steadily climbing the ranks over the last five years, she has won two UCI events, finished on the podium several times (including a third place at JingleCross), appeared in three World Cup events, and repeatedly finished in the Top 10 among Elite women at USAC National Championships. When she is not smiling while hurdling over barriers or biking up any steep grade she can find, she juggles her full-time job as a Project Scientist for Cofactor Genomics and quality time with her husband (and personal cycling guru) Doug and dog Gunner. “Quality time” has been known to include bikes, as well.

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Sunny Gilbert


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